The Chosen sermon series

In January and February 2021, Our Savior Lutheran Church is going to embark on a new sermon series "The Chosen" following the #1 highest crowd-funded project of all-time, depicting the life of the disciples and others as they encountered Jesus in their lives. Each week we will be watching one episode of the 8-week long first season and then discussing it in our worship times the following weekend.

Below are links to ways you can watch each episode of The Chosen in-person, as a part of an on-line watch party, or on your own.

We are excited to diving into this series as so many other Christians around the globe are doing and experiencing for ourselves the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of those who followed him. Be sure to join us each week for a showing and a weekend service where we will unpack the Bible narratives behind each episode.

watch parties

Join us in the Sanctuary at Our Savior Lutheran Church each week for chances to see each episode of The Chosen in-person. Times are available throughout the week.

Sundays at 11:45 am: Join us following the conclusion of the 10:30 am contemporary service to re watch this week's episode. CLICK HERE.

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm: Join Pastor Lee as a we explore each episode together in this virtual format. CLICK HERE.

Wednesday at 6:15 pm: This time slot is useful for parents bringing their children to Confirmation class as well as anyone who would like to join in person or on Facebook. CLICK HERE.

Thursday at 7:30 pm: Join us for a zoom viewing and study of the Chosen. CLICK HERE

Sunday at 9:00 am: Here's your last chance each week to see the current episode before we discuss it in the worship service. This viewing opportunity will take the place of the Adult Education Hour. CLICK HERE.

self watch

If you are interested or need to watch each episode of The Chosen, you can do so for free either by downloading The Chosen App to your smartphone or by linking to YouTube.

Through Rightnow Media:


Episode 2 STARTS AT 12:08 ENDS AT 48:49

Episode 3 STARTS AT 14:04 ENDS AT 40:28

Episode 4 STARTS AT 00:23 ENDS AT 47:04

Episode 5 STARTS AT 04:57 ENDS AT 57:31

Episode 6 STARTS AT 08:20 ENDS AT 58:02

Episode 7 STARTS AT 09:27 ENDS AT 44:34

Episode 8 STARTS AT 11:13 ENDS AT 1:01:53


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