Serving Challenge

You were made for more than just believing and existing until you die. You were made to serve, just like Jesus. The opportunity to serve like Jesus will come with a significant cost. It will mean sacrificing, and be full of challenges. But, despite all the costs, when you serve like Jesus, you will find true fulfillment, joy, happiness, and great reward.

This Lenten Season, we are embarking on a 6-week series called the Serving Challenge, based on the book of the same name by Rev. Zach Zehnder. Through sermon series, adult bible study. daily devotions, children's ministry and social media we will be exploring more this idea that we are created for good works (Ephesians 2:10)! Come see how we can, and how we are more dedicated to lives of service.

So, will you become a servant of Jesus? Will you follow the Way of Jesus?
Check out below to see how we plan to follow Jesus in His servant mission.

  • Get the Book!

    The Serving Challenge begins with your very own 40-day journey, as guided by the book Serving Challenge by Zach Zehnder. Books are available today at no cost, but with the opportunity to pay it forward! Visit this link for more details. You can pick up the books in The Point on the weekends or from the front office during business hours.

  • Wear the Shirt!

    Get decked out as we prepare for the Serving Challenge. To get you own shirt for the series, click here.

  • Week 1: Introduction (Starts February 17/18)

    Serving Challenge is a 40-day adventure to serve like Jesus that will lead you to more personal fulfillment than you ever thought possible. Each week we will study God's Word when it comes to serving as Jesus served and then take the opportunity to serve!

    In addition to individual serving opportunities, each week as a part of our midweek meal and worship services in Lent, we will be offering a chance to serve, right inside the doors of OSL! Come back each week as a we step out as our Lord stepped out for us!

    Midweek Serving Opportunity: (February 21) Mercy Meals

    Come help package meals to send to underprivileged people in countries all over the world!

  • Week 2: Attitude (Starts February 24/25)

    Jesus made Himself available to us by leaving His throne in heaven to come down into this world.

    Midweek Serving Opportunity: (February 28) Easter Cards

    Help us spread the news of Jesus resurrection by making 500 Easter cards to send to the residents of all the care facilities in Norfolk.

  • Week 3: Availability (Starts March 2/3)

    Jesus made Himself available to us by leaving His throne in heaven to come down into this world.

    Midweek Serving Opportunity: (March 6) Flower Planting

    Get your green thumb ready for spring by planting flowers in the Point. Once it warms up, the church youth will take them all and plant them in the Norfolk city parks!

  • Week 4: Action (Starts March 9/10)

    It’s one thing to think and strategize about serving. But, to truly serve like Jesus, is a call to action that often requires losing so that others win.

    Midweek Serving Opportunity: (March 13) Military Care Packages

    Support our military members by donating items which we will pack in boxes on March 13 to send to military members serving overseas!

    We also need item donations for the care packages! Click here to see what items we plan to send to our military personnel.

  • Week 5: Ability (Starts March 16/17)

    You do not have the ability, like Jesus, to save people from their sins. However, you are uniquely wired and gifted.

    Midweek Serving Opportunity: (March 20th) Prepare OSL for Easter!

    Join us in getting the church ready for Holy Week and Easter! Help with some minor cleaning and creating a special Easter cross!

  • Week 6: Ambition (Starts March 23/24)

    Our ultimate ambition in life is to serve and glorify God. We do not serve to make our name great, but to make His name great.

    It's Holy Week! As a part of Holy Week there will be no midweek serving opportunity. You are instead invited to join us for the Holy Week services of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as we prepare for the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Easter!